Eight years into our commitment, we continue to serve the land and people of Albaydha — in partnership with the community — to address and help alleviate chronic challenges and vulnerabilities.

As the national pilot of developmental housing for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

the Albaydha Project is building homes to help catalyze prosperity and sustainability

in a community that today lives in extreme poverty.

Albaydha is 45 kilometers south of the suburbs of Makkah. It is a land of over 150 square kilometers and a people of over 6,000 Saudi citizens, many of whom have had to migrate to nearby cities in search of a better life.


All the programs and key decisions of the Albaydha Project are co-designed and validated hand-in-hand with the community.


We are working the land with the community to counter the effects of desertification and re-activate a regenerative ecology.


Alongside the community, we have co-designed their homes and are now gearing up to start building together in the Fall of 2019.


With community, ecology, and housing as key pillars, we are strongly positioned to incubate a viable and sustainable economy for Albaydha.